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Your oil or gas boiler is probably the hardest working appliance in your home. A regular annual service with us will make it last longer and improve the efficiency of your whole central heating system

What are the benefits of servicing my boiler?

  • Peace of mind regarding the gas safety of your appliance
  • It guarantees that your boiler is working to maximum efficiency, minimising the risk of
  • Ensures your boiler is working at optimum efficiency will reduce gas/oil consumption and
    therefore your gas/oil bills too
  • Keeps your boiler warranty or extended warranty valid (most warranties require an annual service)

What will happen during my annual boiler service?

  • A thorough safety inspection of your appliance, including carbon monoxide testing
  • Inspection and testing of key boiler components
  • Checks for signs of wear and tear, leaks and corrosion
  • Flue inspection
  • The repair of minor problems found during the service (dependent on severity and work
  •  On Completion of the Service we will issue a Safety/Service report Certificate



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