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We will attend to your burst pipe as quickly as possible to fix the problem, we can also provide drying equipment should this be required.

A burst pipe can cause serious damage to your home's structure and electrical wiring. It's vital to take action as soon as you discover a burst pipe.

Dealing with the burst pipe

1. Turn off the water supply

Turn off the main stopcock. You should find this under the kitchen sink or where the service pipe enters your home.

2. Drain the system

Then drain the system by turning on all your cold taps and flushing your toilets.

3. Turn off water heating systems

Switch off the central heating, immersion heater and any other water heating systems. If the central heating uses solid fuel, let this die out. Once water heating has shut down, turn on the hot taps to help drain the system.

4. Turn off the electrics

If water from the burst pipe is leaking near your electrics or electrical appliances, switch off the mains immediately. If the mains switch is wet, don't touch it or you could risk electrocution! Call a qualified electrician immediately.

5. Be safe

If you notice the leak quickly you can catch dripping water in buckets. However, if water has been leaking through for some time and the ceilings are bulging, rooms may not be safe to enter. If the ceiling is bulging and you're confident that there is no danger, punch a small hole in it with a screwdriver to let the water drain.


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Burst Pipe, Flooding or Water Ingress

We can provide powerful drying Equipment which may help you to avoid further water damage to your home. Our industry-leading equipment can dry carpets, floors, remove moisture from walls, and boost drying rates, speeding up the drying process so you can get your home back to normal.