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If you're a landlord, safety is a high priority – all landlords are legally obliged to maintain all gas/oil appliances and flues that have been provided for their tenants and to have them checked once a year.

During our gas/oil safety inspection we also conduct a service to the boiler - we combine the two in this way to keep costs down and to also make sure your Landlord insurance or boiler warranty is valid.   

We Can Make the Process Simple - In 3 Easy Steps.

1:   We can contact the tenant for you and make an appointment with them direct  - all you have to do is provide us with their contact number.

2:  Once we have conducted the Landlords inspection we will issue the tenant with a copy of the certificate and send the original certificate to you.

3:  We can also ( if you require) send you an annual reminder to let you know when your next inspection is due.





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