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Need a New Oil Tank? We Can Help


Being Oftec Registered for over 10 years, we have Vast Knowledge & Experience in the Installation of Oil Tanks. All our works Comply with regional Building Regulatory Requirements and also current Oftec regulations -  ensuring complete peace of mind that your oil tank will be installed correctly.




The Watchman Sonic and Watchman Alarm are in tank devices designed to help oil user to monitor their oil levels easily. The Watchman Sonic and Watchman Alarm can monitor your oil levels all year round, giving you peace of mind that you will not run out and also giving you the ability to observe your oil consumption.

Both come with a transmitter which fit on top of the tank and uses ultrasonic technology to measure the levels of oil within the tank. The transmitter sends this information wirelessly to a low power receiver plugged into an electrical wall socket, up to 200 metres away, where the oil levels are displayed on a small LCD screen. When the oil levels drops below 10% the fuel dispensing symbol is displayed on the receiver indicating that it is time to order and refill the oil tank.

The Watchman Alarm differs from the Watchman Sonic in that an alarm is set off at the receiver in the home if oil levels suddenly drop significantly. This will indicate to the household that there is a possible problem such as a leak or Oil theft.



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Oil Tank Installation Some Questions & Answer's

Q: Will I have to wait until my oil is low before I can have my tank changed?

A: Don't worry if you still have oil in your tank, we can transfer the oil into a holding tank.

Q: Will I be without hot water and heating whilst the works are carried out?

A: If possible we will connect a supply line to the holding tank so you still have hot water & heating etc.

Q: Can I build the base myself to save on cost?

A: If required, we can construct a base for the tank to sit on or if you wish to build the base yourself we can advise on how to do this so that it complies with the Building/Oftec regulations.